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Dear Customer,


You own a beautiful residence on the tropical island of Bali.


In our tropical climate every mattress, carpet and sofa has uninvited guests: MITES


MITES are microscopic insects belonging to the Spider family. They breed rapidly in a humid, tropical climate. In a brand new mattress you will already find a colony of 1 to 2 Million MITES.


The colony will expand very quickly if not treated and will expel faecal matter into your mattress: MITE DUST.


MITE DUST causes Asthma and Allergies; the symptoms range from: itchiness inflamed or infected eczema skin, red eyes, running nose and clogging of the lungs to uncontrolled sneezing.


Based on research conducted by Nasa and The Carpet & Rug Institute we can OFFER you the technology & service to keep your residential environment Asthma and Allergy free!


Our Service is completely free of chemicals and allergy & environmentally friendly!


Our Technology will protect yours and your family’s health every night!






We are looking forward to make your home MITE DUST FREE!






Your Healthy Clean Bali Team



We Clean.


We offer a special deep cleaning service for spring beds against mite dust.

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We Serve.


The whole cleaning service is free of chemicals, allergy and environmentally friendly.

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Dust Mites

Do You Know Who You Are In Bed With? You dont want to know!

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