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We may think we sleep alone, but hidden deep within our mattresses and furnishings lies the house-dust mite, a creature so small that it eludes the naked eye and perfectly adapted to survive by feeding on the skin we shed. The warm and humid conditions we create allow the mites to thrive and multiply, and the faeces they excrete mix with the air that we breath to cause serious health issues such as asthma, dermatitis and neurodermatitis, diseases that affect young and old alike. Let the Swiss Healthy & Clean team show you how you can keep your home free from this potentially pest with a free trial using our guaranteed chemical-free and hypoallergenic process for a healthy, dust mite-free home.

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We offer a special deep cleaning service for spring beds against mite dust.

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The whole cleaning service is free of chemicals, allergy and environmentally friendly.

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Dust Mites

Do You Know Who You Are In Bed With? You dont want to know!

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